Learn Why Shakespeare Composite Products Are Increasingly in Demand

Shakespeare is the leading brand of composite light poles in North America and a leading provider of composite transmission and distribution poles and composite tangent crossarms for the utility industry.

Shakespeare also offers the SafeFenceTM substation perimeter barrier system and custom engineered composite structures.

Our growing customer base appreciates the many advantages Shakespeare composite products offer.

  • Lightweight design – easy to transport, many poles can be lifted and hand carried into hard-to-reach locations
  • Ease of installation – composite poles can be directly buried into most any soil, which eliminates both the time and the cost of concrete foundations
  • Low maintenance – saves time, money over the product lifetime
  • Environmentally sound – no chemical preservatives, plus well suited for environmentally sensitive areas where heavy equipment may damage sensitive land
  • Durable – impervious to insects, woodpeckers, and weather
  • Attractive – Strong visual appeal and available in a range of colors
  • Safe – Non-conductive composite-material construction is ideal for installation in highly populated areas such as neighborhoods, parking lots, and recreational facilities

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