Get the Composite Advantage

Shakespeare customers enjoy the many advantages composite light poles, transmission and distribution poles, crossarms, perimeter safety fencing and other custom-composite structures offer.

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Composite products are a smart alternative to other materials

A fiberglass reinforced composite Tuff-Pole® won't rust and will often outlast wood, aluminum, steel and concrete poles under the same climatic conditions. Insects won't eat them - there's nothing about fiberglass composites that any insect finds tasty. Woodpeckers won't attack them, either, so repairs or replacements for insect and woodpecker damage are reduced to zero.

Fiberglass provides long lasting beauty with UV inhibitors

UV inhibitors are formulated into the Tuff-Pole from the beginning. In addition, the finished poles are coated with a pigmented, proprietary, high-performance polyurethane containing UV inhibitors to help prevent color fading over time - for lasting good looks. Some finishes also receive additional surface windings of UV-protectant-saturated resins that increase the life of the pole still further. The finish is particularly suited to Sports Lighting and Utility Transmission/Distribution poles.

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Composite products are lightweight and easy to install, which saves money

Our feather light composite Tuff-Poles save time, manpower, equipment and money during installation. Many new construction projects and renovations can be erected entirely without expensive heavy cranes, by a two- or three-person crew. Even large composite poles can be comfortably hand carried, and for inaccessible areas, their light weight means quicker installation and lower costs.

Fast, simple installation, generally without heavy lifting equipment.

Easy, minimally intrusive transport to remote installation sites, or to sites where heavy trucks are unwelcome or impractical.

Minimal traffic interruption and costly diversion.

Composite products are safe, with low conductivity levels

Fiberglass composites are poor conductors of electricity. That means Tuff-Poles can substantially reduce the hazards of electric shock and associated liability. Our non-conductive SafeFence™ substation perimeter walls are particularly well suited to protect people and utility assets in urban, suburban or rural environments.

Shakespeare composites are built for tough environments

Non-corroding composites will not deteriorate in salt air climates, acid rain, or acid soil. Regardless of humidity, they will not rust, ever, and they easily withstand harsh, chemical-laden environments such as diesel fumes around airports and freight terminals. Fiberglass reinforced composites are also environmentally sound. Tuff-Poles contain no chemical preservatives that can ooze into the soil over time. Our composite poles do not have to be stored or handled as hazardous materials - unlike treated wood poles under some state laws (and soon under federal Environmental Protection Agency enforcement standards).

Composite poles perform well in high winds and extreme cold

High winds and large loads are no problem for composite Tuff-Poles®. All of our poles are engineered to withstand sustained winds up to customers' specification plus a 30-percent gust factor, with minimum deflection. Low temperature performance is exceptional.Composite poles actually become stronger in extreme cold. Minus 50° C won't bother them. That's minus 122° F.