•  Leading the composite light pole market

    Shakespeare Tuff-Pole lighting standards are North America’s top-selling composite light poles. Tuff-Poles are engineered for durability with strands of fiberglass that are impregnated with pigmented resin and spirally wound onto a rotating, heated mandrel. Learn more.  

  • Pioneering composite crossarm performance

    Shakespeare crossarms are ruggedly engineered for a robust grid while providing triple UV protection for remarkable longevity. Up to 1/3 the weight of wood, a single Shakespeare composite crossarm often has the strength to replace 3 or 4 wood beams. Learn more.  

  •  Protecting people and utility assets

    Shakespeare SafeFence substation perimeter barrier is an attractive, durable, and non-conductive composite fence that enhances substation safety and security. Learn more.  

  •  Carrying the load: T&D composite products

    Shakespeare utility customers receive superb quality Tuff-Pole composite transmission and distribution poles which are strong, lightweight and built to last. Plus, Shakespeare offers a range of accessories, options and custom products. Learn more.  

  •  Engineering custom composite structures

    Shakespeare offers a growing line of composite products for the building construction markets and OEM industrial markets. Whenever and wherever a tough, durable, rust-proof structure is needed, consider Shakespeare engineered composites. Learn more.  

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