Shakespeare SafeFence Safety Barrier, Perimeter Fencing Product

New Safety Barrier Brochure Highlights Shakespeare Non-Conductive Innovation

The new SafeFence™ Safety Barrier System product brochure is available for download.

SafeFence non-conductive perimeter barrier fencing provides safety and security around substations, transformer yards and other utility properties with installed power-delivery assets.

The fiberglass wall deters would-be vandals, excludes wildlife and hides unsightly equipment from growing neighborhoods. Lightweight, easy to install, and versatile, the Shakespeare SafeFence wall can be field-modified during installation to address any type of terrain.

Designed and produced using fiberglass strands and mat, the composite material’s maintenance-free construction saves time and money over the product's lifetime. In hot, humid environments, the SafeFence composite construction will never rust. Further the materials will not deteriorate in salt-air climates, desert heat, or harsh, high-traffic environments.

SafeFence panels are available in a range of horizontal lengths and in 6-inch high or 12-inch high profiles. See the brochure or the product specification pages on the SafeFence product page to learn more.

SafeFence Safety Barrier Systems

SafeFence is non-conductive, making it an ideal perimeter barrier around substations and other utility assets.


SafeFence Features and Benefits - Pre-Construction

  • Proven performance addresses safety concerns in local communities
  • Delivers remarkable decibel reduction per square foot per dollar performance
  • No need for noisy, heavy equipment for wall installation
  • Extremely fast installation
  • Lightweight design reduces the number of delivery trucks needed and allows for easy storage near the job site
  • Environmentally sound – no chemical preservatives, plus well suited for environmentally sensitive areas where heavy equipment may damage land or ecosystems


SafeFence Features and Benefits - Construction

  • Extremely fast installation - lightweight, easily installed with minimal equipment and crew
  • Can be easily modified and cut in the field for on-site changes, adjustments
  • Spans up to 24-feet are available between either steel, concrete, or fiberglass posts
  • Non-conductive properties add a measure of safety and security
  • Remarkable durability to maintain attractive appearance during installation and for years to come
  • Easier and faster to install than concrete, wood, masonry, steel, or aluminum


SafeFence Features and Benefits - Post-Construction

  • Engineered fiberglass composite construction is built to last up to 50 years
  • Non-conductive properties add a measure of safety
  • Durable construction is rust-proof and corrosion-resistant
  • Graffiti-resistant properties maintain the product’s good looks
  • A variety of RAL colors are available upon request
  • Excellent freeze/thaw resistance, moisture resistance, and fire resistance
  • Extremely low maintenance over the product life saves time, money
  • In the event of vehicle impact or other damage, the panels are easy to repair or replace