SafeFence utility substation wall protects people, property

SafeFence Substation Perimeter Barrier
Project Spotlight

The Shakespeare SafeFenceTM substation perimeter fencing system is a non-conductive fiberglasss composite fence providing safety and security around transformer yards and other properties with installed utility assets.

Case Study - SafeFence non-conductive wall secures substation perimeter

The challenges facing this Shakespeare customer were that a new road was constructed close to this substation and the chain link fence was too close to the equipment.

The only option was to move locations, (which was a costly, impractical solution), or to install an impenetrable and non-conductive fence. These challenges were also coupled with the fact that the site is near a major metro downtown area, so aesthetics were an important concern.

Another issue was access to the equipment once the wall was installed. The only way to access the equipment is from the street side of the substation, so it was necessary to be able to remove 20’ sections of the wall to access equipment bays and the wall sections needed to align with the equipment bays.

The Shakespeare SafeFence installation solved all of these issues as a non-conductive, impenetrable, attractive and accessible for equipment service. It was not necessary to disrupt substation service at any point during the removal of the old fence and installation of the new wall.

The Shakespeare engineering group worked closely with the utility engineering and construction group to develop this unique solution. Contact Shakespeare to learn more about SafeFence non-conductive safety fencing.

Shakespeare SafeFence product benefits

  • Safe, non-conductive fiberglass composite fence material
  • Simple, fast, inexpensive installation
  • Can be modified and cut in the field
  • Supports and panels will never rust
  • Low maintenance perimeter fencing
  • Lightweight fence panels can be installed with minimal equipment