History - creator of the composite light pole

The Shakespeare Story

Shakespeare's first innovation in the composite light pole business was to originate the composite light pole. Building logically on the fiberglass reinforced composites technologies developed for other products, the company's engineers scaled the manufacturing processes up to create a strong, durable light pole that has revolutionized the lighting standard industry.

Over the years, our continued innovation has developed proprietary and custom formulated resins, coatings and assembly techniques (for example, on Breakaway poles), to achieve unmatched quality and durability.

Today, many hundreds of thousands of our composite poles stand tall from coast to coast in every conceivable application, weathering every storm, every season. Impervious to the elements, our fiberglass retains its lustrous beauty for generations, and its strength never wears out or tires. Our poles are built to bear heavy loads and stand stubbornly in the strongest winds - and look great doing it.

Shakepeare composite innovations - a history of firsts

1967  First composite light pole installation
1974  First composite light pole filament winding machine - direct burial
1978  First full surface filament winding machine
1979  First anchor base fiberglass composite poles
1980  First smooth surface fiberglass poles
1986  First light pole arms
1987  First full surface filament winding machine for poles up to 47 feet
1989  First breakaway composite light poles
1991  First CAD/CAM computer controlled filament winding machine
1992  First historical reproduction composite light poles
1992  First pultrusion of 5 x 5" straight square composite light poles
1993  First composite distribution poles
1995  First composite transmission poles up to 70 feet
1996  First installation of transmission poles
1997  First Tuff-Pole® programmed process
1998  First composite sports lighting poles
1999  First fiberglass composite hinged poles
2000  First composite burial foot
2003  First affordable TL-2 full-scale tested Energy Absorbing Pole
2007  First fiberglass composite poles to 125 feet
2009  First fiberglass composite poles to 130 feet
2009  First non-conductive composite SafeFence™ Systems (originally named, AcoustaWall™)
2010  First sound-absorptive, non-conductive composite SafeFence™ Systems (originally named, AcoustaWall™)
2014  Acquired by Valmont Industries, Inc.

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